Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Family-friendly AND Christ-friendly Easter

Happy Easter (a few days early)!

It's Holy Week, a very important time in the Christian calendar, and one of my favorite holidays! Let's take a moment to celebrate the Good News we will hear on Sunday -- Christ is Risen!

I wanted to share the ways we've decorated and celebrated around our house and hopefully give you a few ideas for sharing the Easter story with young children. And, I'm offering my Easter chalkboard printable for only $1 on my Etsy shop this week! Scroll to the last image and click the link to go get yours now!

I think you can focus on Christ at Easter and still decorate with cute, secular seasonal decor.
Especially if you have a two-year-old!
It's great to get the kids involved with decorating and celebrating, and working on something together provides a nice time to explain the reason behind the holiday! Jacob is only two, so we stuck with a couple of pretty simple crafts this year -- coloring this bunny and dyeing some eggs.
I mixed religious and more secular decor, and I think it's a sweet and festive mantle :)
Use your Palm Sunday palms as decoration! And explain the Palm Sunday story to the children, while you're at it. Jacob enjoyed waving the palms at church on Sunday, and later I made a cross out of one (which I learned how to do as a child and still do every year). This was a good visual for him, and he now knows that a cross means "Jesus loves me!"
I used my own printable chalkboard art, and I hope you will, too :)
We created a centerpiece with some speckled eggs I already had and the eggs Jacob dyed. I bough the "Plastic Decorating Eggs" from Walmart, and they turned out very pastel, but I think that's pretty. I thought we'd try plastic ones this year, so he couldn't smoosh and break them, and also because these were his first Easter eggs, and I thought I may want to save some as keepsakes ;) The Peter Rabbit napkins are left from my baby shower over two years ago, and I thought this was the perfect time to use them, since Jacob loves Peter lately. And of course, you must have jelly beans!
And here's the digital image of my printable sign! Please visit my shop and download it for only ONE dollar, and share the Good News that Christ is Risen indeed! Thank you :)

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