Monday, April 14, 2014

A Curious George Birthday Party

Jacob turned two about a week ago! I can't believe my baby is not so much a baby as a little boy, but I'm having a blast with him each day! Sure, we're in the height of the "terrible twos" (I think his started early!), so there are definitely tantrums, but this is really the sweetest, cutest age, too. He still needs mommy a lot, but he's constantly learning and exploring his world and amazing us as he does. He says some of the funniest things. Actually, he says pretty much everything (whether we want him to or not...) ;)

I blogged about all the party preparations a while back, and now I want to share how the party turned out! We did Curious George theme  with primary colors (a mixture of the Classic George, since Jacob loves the books, and also the "TV George," because he LOVES the show on PBS). I think it turned out pretty adorable :)

crepe paper weaving on the stairs / table in the front entryway / photo banner in the dining room

The front table held goodie bags, hats, and coloring books for Jacob's friends, his "favorites/milestones chalkboard," the party invitation, a photo book of his second year, and a cute Birthday George. The chalkboard and invitation designs can be found in my shop. For the staircase decor, I wove four colors of crepe paper streamers among the banisters and embellished with scanned images (printed on card stock) from his Curious George books -- a very  cheap, easy way to add a lot of color to your party!
Toddlers in party hats are the cutest! Of course, they don't stay on long.
The best we could do at getting four toddlers to sit together for a photo ;)
family room decor -- a coloring poster for the kiddos to stay busy, George toys and books to play with, balloons (all the kids' favorite part!), and the birthday banner I designed and made (find the template here in my shop)
more details -- more views of the family room, the cake (baked and decorated by Jacob's grandma, bunting by me), George paper goods, and my little "yellow hat" place settings (thanks, Pinterest!)
the food spread -- a colored table cloth, themed paper goods, bright straws, and cute napkins added fun and festive details!

The party food included banana pops (frozen banana thirds, dipped in chocolate), fruit salad in waffle cones, Curious George fruit snacks, colorful goldfish, "cookie dough dip" with animal crackers, a veggie plate, relishes, Gerber banana cookies, BBQ meatballs, a cheese & cracker plate, several candy dishes and of course cake and ice cream. Lots of color and kid-friendly options are must-haves for a toddler party!

Jacob's friend Jane loving the cake and ice cream!

He wanted Aunt Charly to help open allll the presents!
Grandma & Papa passed down Daddy's old rocking chair -- so cute :)
Fire Chief gear from Great-Grandma -- he LOVES everything fire truck related right now!
...which made his big gift from Grandma & Grandpa so perfect!
We had a great day, and we are so appreciative of our great family and friends! We love that Jacob has such cute little buds who could celebrate with him, too! The party was super cute, but it was also very special because we have such a loved little boy :) Thankful for our many blessings.

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