Friday, May 16, 2014

Random Mom Tip! Toddler Breakfast Idea

I love finding random mom tips on the internet. As I browse Pinterest and Instagram, I'm always noticing clever things other moms do and thinking, "Why didn't I think of that??" These usually aren't  entirely new ideas -- we all find inspiration in different places, and we adapt things to fit our lives.

There are just SO many little moments in our days, and a tip from another mom that helps with one of those moments is always much appreciated! SO, I thought I'd share one of mine :) I "made this up," in that I had the idea on my own, but I'm certain others have thought of it before! In case you haven't, here you go: 

Does your toddler (like mine) completely reject any food that is hot? And by "hot," I mean luke warm ;)  Well, mine does (although he does understand and differentiate between hot, warm, and cold now)!  Trouble is, he loves oatmeal (and lots of other things that have to come hot, actually). Here's a quick and easy breakfast idea that is healthy (no high-fructose corn syrup, and you can include organic ingredients as desired), hearty, delicious, fairly cheap, "pretty," and best of all: the temperature is toddler-approved !

The ingredients:
1. Instant, non-sweetened oatmeal (Jacob likes the cinnamon flavor, and that's the easiest to find in this kind of packaging). I LOVE Perfect Portions oatmeal, or any oatmeal that is fast (fast is key for toddler breakfasts) but not individually packaged. Why? You can use the exact amount your toddler wants (or will actually eat), and this one has ZERO sugar added, meaning you can sweeten (or not) however you like. I just use a tiny squeeze of honey on Jacob's (remember no honey before age 1!).
2. Milk -- I use water to heat the oatmeal (just a little water and 30 sec. in the microwave), but then I use milk to cool and achieve desired consistency. You can use organic, whole, almond, soy, or whatever your little one needs!
3. Honey (or Agave, Stevia, Sugar, etc., anything to add a little sweetness)
4. The Key: Frozen Berries! Jacob is a berry freak (he loves all kinds), so I usually use a medley of blueberries/raspberries/blackberries. You could do just strawberries or blueberries if your toddler is picker. The hot oatmeal thaws the berries, while the berries cool down the oatmeal. Perfect! Are you thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?" Or have you already?? :)
The finished product -- he likes that the oatmeal turns purple as the berries thaw :)
Excited to dig in!
The downside -- if your toddler is anything like mine -- it's pretty messy! But it's his favorite breakfast, it's not hot (important!), and he gobbles up large quantities like a fiend. I love that he gets protein, grains, dairy, and fruit (and very little sugar) at breakfast! It's a win-win, if you can deal with the mess ;)

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