Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Toddler Truths Tuesdays

Next week I will have to post something in between the toddler truths, but it's already that time again!

The theme I'm noticing lately in Jacob's funniest moments is that he anthropomorphizes everything. Everything is an entity to him right now; he doesn't act as if there's much difference between human, animal, or object. Some of my favorite examples from this past week:
One night this week we taught Jacob to say "Prost" while clinking glasses (we're bad parents, I suppose, but he already knew "cheers," so why not add the German version?). The next night, Daddy said, "Jacob, how do you say cheers in German?" His response (while clinking his water bottle with an imaginary glass in the air): "Cheers, German."
While dragging his rocking horse, "Henry," across the room, he barreled into his stuffed Tigger. He stopped and said, "Oops, sorry Mr. Tigger!" Tigger is apparently worthy of a title and capable of feeling, while poor Henry is drug around as if he were made of fabric, stuffing, and wood ;)
Body parts are always animate objects lately, too. His toes are "piggies," his belly likes to play peek-a-boo, etc. This little conversation with himself was cute to witness: ...takes a sip, and whispers, "'Licious. Jacob's tummy says nummy nummy, Jacob."

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