Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Toddler Truths Tuesday

I've been a serious slacker with this blog lately! We've had SO much going on -- travel, weddings, baby showers, house projects, church activities, preparing for my first craft show for Eastwood Eclectic, etc. And on top of that, Jacob has been sick FOUR times in the last two months! Poor buddy. Our ped. thinks some of it has been seasonal allergies (she says he has "allergic shiners" under his eyes), but he's passed the bugs along to several family members, so I know he's had colds, too.

Anyway, I just had to sneak on here and post a Toddler Truth for today :)

Last night, he was sitting on Daddy's lap, ready to watch "George" (Curious George is about all we watch in this house lately!). Hubby asked me to find the remote for them, and as soon as he heard this, Jacob scurried down off of the recliner and rushed toward the kitchen, all business. Daddy asked him, "Where are you going, buddy?" His response was: "I'm going to see if Mommy needs some help finding the 'mote." Seriously, that whole sentence.

This is a good little anecdote to remind us later that: 1) Jacob's vocabulary and grammar are so amazing for a 2 ½ year old! and 2) He is in a stage where he MUST be personally involved in everything, and usually it's that he must "DO IT BY MYSELF!" Even it if takes 1,000 times longer. It's exhausting, sometimes frustrating, but also endearing ;)

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