Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toddler Truths Tuesday

I've been slacking on Toddler Truths, and the blog in general, this summer! Jacob is always saying the funniest things, but I forget to write them down! Note to self: must make a conscious effort to record and remember these things. I want to be able to look back at them when he's grown up and not nearly so candid ;)

I just have one actual story to share for today, but I also want to note that it is so interesting to watch a child learn the English language. Our language is tricky, and it's cool to see Jacob pick up on little nuances at such a young age. All toddlers make certain grammar mistakes as they're learning, and it's the cutest thing. I have to suspend my former-high-school-English-teacher, proper-grammar-loving attitude and enjoy watching his progression! Lately, when asked if he's doing something (whatever naughty/silly/crazy, sometimes cute, thing it may be), he responds: "I are" or "I is." I know the days are numbered until he realizes he should say "I am," so I enjoy the toddler language "slip ups" for now. :)

Speaking of the language progression, Jacob has been amazing us lately with his command of the comparative and superlative forms! I'm not sure when children usually pick up on this, but we were pretty impressed the other day when we he used the superlative (-est) form of a word when neither of us had said it (I can't remember the specifics of the conversation). Pretty neat.

Okay, here's the real story. Thanks for being patient with my ramblings! This one comes from my hubby, and here's how he described it:

While helping daddy in the kitchen on his ladder, this was the exchange:
Jacob:  “I do like you like Daddy.”
Daddy:  “You try to be like daddy?  Daddy’s not perfect, but you could probably do a lot worse.”
Jacob:  “You perfect daddy.  I not perfect, but daddy perfect.”

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